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-A. Digest 2017

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TSII located in the heart of the "best master planned community in the nation"

-A. Digest 2017

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Massage Therapist

Massage is a powerful tool to help individuals live and experiance a healthier, more empowered life. Today, Massage Therapy has come out of the shadows of fitness facilities and health clubs and is now offered in luxury spas, health clinics, hospitals, businesses and even airports. Therapeutic massage alleviates pain, muscle tension, stress and anxiety. Massage offers an appropriate human touch for the healing experiance In a high-tech low-touch world,


A Massage Therapist is someone who performs manual manipulation of soft body tissues (muscle, connective tissue, tendons and ligaments) to enhance a person's health and well-being. They are typically individuals who gravitate to the healing arts and have the desire to help people live their best life. There are dozens of types of massage therapy methods, also called modalities, to learn and utilize that stem from around the world. 

The massage industry is not only a career but a world wide community. The knowledge, skills and friendships will be with you for a lifetime. 

What are We?

The Skin Institute Internationalé is a luxury Skin Care and Massage training institution. We teach a sophisticated curriculum that trains the individual to find jobs in the dynamic and ever changing spa and medi-spa industry.

With billions of dollars each year being spent on massage procedures, people want to feel their best. Between baby boomers approaching their golden years and athletes from all categories of sports to everyday people coping with the stress of aches and pains of life, people are seeking out massage as a way of healing and self care.


We at TSII are dedicated to educating the finest massage therapist in the industry through our structured and thorough curriculum, licensed principle instructors, and extensive student kit. Between TSII's program philosophy and adherence to elite standards, we prepare the massage therapist to take their place in any avenue of the booming spa market. 


Today's professional has the opportunity to work in the standard and luxury market, medical fields or own their own rewarding business. 

Our Philosophy

TSII provides an educational experience that goes far beyond mere vocational training. Special emphasis on valuable life and leadership skills such as: state board preparation, customer service, product sales, communication, professionalism, and job interview preperation.                                            


The Skin Institute Internationale is committed to providing our students a fulfilling career in massage as well as educating and inspiring them to build a foundation of knowledge, confidence, creativity, communication, and integrity as they help others improve their lives.  TSII's goal is to provide an innovative and dynamic massage therapy education and to produce highly-trained and skilled professionals prepared to enter and contribute to the masaage industry.  This is accomplished through the following Educational Objectives:

·   To provide basic techniques for all phases included in our curriculum.

·   To use a well-organized course of study.

·   To ensure professional training by providing one instructor per 12 students.

·   To maintain a well-supervised and well-equipped practical area where students can improve their knowledge and skills.

·   To provide a program of supportive services including guidance and counseling to students.

·   To provide employment assistance in the form of an updated list of available positions in the massage industry and                  training in resume writing and interview preparation.

·   To prepare graduates for state licensing exams and employment using effective teaching techniques.

·   To assess the school’s effectiveness through student achievement as reflected in the campus completion, licensure, and        employment rates.

Is Becoming a Massage Therapist a Good Fit For You?

Massage therapists have seen large gains in employment. Employment opportunities in the Spa industry are expected to continue to grow as more individuals seek out alternative methods to improve one’s health and wellness. 

The growth primarily has been a result of an increasing population becoming more aware of the therapeutic benefits of massage. Opportunities for licensed massage therapists are favorable with continued growth in the number of spas and healing centers. As a result, job opportunities are exceptional!

Most full-time massage therapists put in a 40-hour week, but self-employed workers can arrange their own hours. Therapists usually work in clean, pleasant surroundings with good lighting and ventilation. Good health and stamina are important because the schedule and work can be demanding. Massage therapists are generally people who enjoy working with others and get pleasure from using their creative energies in a positive and profitable manner.


Do you want to help others feel good about themselves?

Do you like to see others happy?

Do you want to help others relax and de-stress?

Do you like being your own boss and making your own schedule?

Do you want to be a part of one of the fastest growing industries?

Do you want to be able to take your craft anywhere in the world?

Do you want to make money while enjoying yourself?


If you answered YES! to any of these questions then you're a great fit! Contact us for a student tour to learn more about what Massage Therapist can do!

Why Attend TSII for your Massage Training?

We are the only school in the state of Hawaii that will prepare you for all aspects in the world of Massage. We offer a thorough Basic Massage course that will allow you to feel confident in your all aspects of work. We offer advanced modalities of massage training from various cultures around the world. We train our students to pass the Hawaii State Board Test as well as other state board test. We pride ourselves in our extraordinary curriculum, seasoned instructors, luxury facility and extensive student kit that sets our students up for success!

What are the first steps to getting enrolled at TSII?

To be Admitted as a student at The Skin Institute Internationale, applicants must fulfill the following requirements:


Attend a personal student tour of The Skin Institute Internationale

Complete an Enrollment Application

Be accepted as a student by TSII 

Pay all required tuition and fees 

Applicants with prior hours of training must also submit a copy of their academic transcript, a written statement of their prior training, and why they would like to resume at TSII

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