We know how to wax anyone and everyone from head to toe! You name the area we wax it, and we wax it well! Get confident in your waxing skills by taking our wax certification course. You must be a licensed esthetician or cosmetologist in order to perform any wax service on a client. Waxing is where the money is! Our three-day waxing class will give you all the confidence to hold that stick and pull that wax. Here at TSII, sanitation comes first! How many of you have gone to get waxed and your technician double dips. A trained professional knows that is a big no-no. We see it all too often! Our Wax specialist has years in the waxing business! She has used every wax product on the market. She knows what works and is willing to show YOU all her tips and tricks to speed waxing effectively! In this class you will receive a wax kit bundle with all the tools necessary to start waxing right away. You will see demos of all parts of the body. You must have hair to wax yourself and/or bring in your own waxing models. Make more money by making yourself more versatile as a licensed beauty professional. The average cost of waxing service $40-100 per 15 minutes.

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