"I went on a tour of the school and fell  in love with it. I could not help but think this was the career I had been looking for... The first day of school was one of the best days days I've ever had. As we started learning modalities I was happy all the time. When you touch somebody and feel that you are making a difference to the client, it is an amazing feeling. I wouldn't be where I am today without the amazing instructors at The Skin Institute. I learned so much from them everyday and they were always so positive. It made me want to learn and be at school. If I am able to change one person's life I will feel a sense of accomplishment and will be forever grateful for the experience and opportunity given to me from The Skin Institute." - -----Shelby Berg

"Thank you for the opportunities for growth you have provided me. You have given me a wonderful education and experience as a student. I will be forever grateful to you. I know The Skin Institute is a superior program of esthetic education and I will continue to usher prospective students to its doors."

- Beck Pepito

"This school has opened doors for me that I dreamed about but never thought I would have. With dedication and a push from my amazing instructors. I became the esthetician that I never thought I could be. I want to share what I love and be the role model that I have been lucky to have."

- Deb DeMille

"I became an esthetician student at The Skin Instutue in May of 2012. It was a whirlwind of books, reading, studying and tests, memorizing and staying up late to do assignments. At the age of 43, I wondered if I would be able to finish. I hadn't been a student for 25 years. But, I needed my children to know that I, as a woman, at my age, under all circumstances, can survive, hold my head high and smile as I do it. No one gets a pension, retirement or benefits for being a great mom. Being able to support your children is crucial... The more I learned how special being an esthetician is, not just for the skin, but for the soul, the more I have been determined to make this my life. I have been lead here. There are no accidents and I believe this is the path I needed to be on. The deeper ideas of being able to help people look and feel better about themselves is the greatest experience ever. I have watched the instructors at The Skin Institute with admiration and respect. It is very inspiring to see their eyes light up as they teach. They all love what they do. Thank you for the opportunity to learn and grow and pass it on."  - Dee Barta


WOW!  80 minutes of bliss felt like I was loved on, pampered, honored, and treated like a queen.  Lieren, the head esthetician took care me in a way that made me feel special.  I went in not knowing what to expect. Filled out a simple questionnaire, then was guided to an area to sit, after slipping my shoes off, to have my feet ever so gently washed before some slippers were placed on them and I was then asked to follow her into a room with two beds, one for my friend who was also having a facial with another esthetician as the same time.  We were on girls day out!
From then on I felt soft finger tips, a light fragrance filled the air, faint sounds filled the room with music playing somewhere off in the distance.  Before I knew it, 80 minutes had past. I was invited to rest till I was ready to get up and when I stepped out of the room, Lieren was waiting for me with a water and to share her thoughts on how I could best take care of my skin.
Professional, expert advice and a treat all in one.  If you are thinking of having a treatment or going to school here, either way, you will be in the right place.  It's also clean as a whistle and bright and beautiful.  Felt wonderful in every moment I was in this establishment. Thank you for an incredible experience!
With Abundant Aloha, 
-June D.

"Your staff and students were so kind and caring... Thank you for the beautiful, peaceful, establishment and caring personnel. You contribute to the bettermetn of our wonderful community."

- Sandy Munk

The skin institute is conveniently located in the ward area & easy to find. I got the coconut drizzle 80 minute facial with Shar and it was amazing! 
I was greeted by the front desk (let me just add the place has a very cute lay out) filled out a short intake form and off I went into a room named Paris. They named all their rooms very creative and adorable! 
My overall coconut drizzle was just the most relaxing facial/massage combo the head/neck massage. Shar was very passionate with her treatment. 
The owner there Liren is very informative too- she is the creator of all the treatments and she really did a fabulous job in doing so. I can go on and on but I really feel that you should experience it for yourself! 
Pricing is very reasonable for the treatment you are receiving I have to say your actually getting a deal! 
Highly Recommend! I will be back soon to try other treatments!

-Stacy K.

I have finally found my go-to spa in Honolulu that combines quality, sophistication, service, and affordability. 
First, the reservation process was handled professionally and with accommodation. I had to change my appointment twice and it was done with friendliness, graciousness, and excellent follow-up. 
I knew the moment I walked into The Skin Institute Internationale that I came to the right place to receive a premium treatment that I hardly believed came from a recent graduate of an esthetics school.  This is not just any esthetics school. It's one that is sophisticated, where training is elite and distinctive. 
I was greeted by Lieren, who I discovered does most of the training of the students. She offered me citrus infused water while I filled out an easy introduction form.  
The treatment that I received today was the summer rose-infused facial.  It's available for a limited time only, and it comes with my highest recommendation.  
My esthetician started with hot towels on my hands and feet and fitted me with spa slippers for the short walk to "Paris", the name of the room to where I'd retreat for 80 minutes of bliss. 
The room was welcoming and inviting with scattered rose petals. In the background was soothing instrumental music and an essential oil diffuser that provided a healthy, aromatic ambiance.
My Estheticians touch was perfect as she started with a firm and rejuvenating head/scalp and shoulder massage to start the circulation. The experience included cleansing, exfoliation, two masks including a luxurious rose mask, serum, moisturizer, sunscreen, a thorough arm and hand and also foot and calf massages, and the experience ended with the same rejuvenating head/scalp massage.  The products used had anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and moisturizing benefits, the light and delightful fragrances were lucious and indulgent, and my skin was radiant afterwards. This facial is truly an incomparable and luxurious experience that is superior to any treatment I've had at the other larger resort spas in the state, and relatively affordable at $68 for an 80 minute exquisite treatment. This says a lot as I have been to many of the top spas in Hawaii and even throughout the U.S.
It's best to park at TJ Maxx and walk over to the building at 1050 Queen. I entered the building on Queen (mauka side of Queen) and caught the elevator to the 3rd floor, Suite 300. 
Other services here include European facials, back facials, exfoliating and slimming body treatments, microdermabrasion and other medi-spa services, waxing, parties, and customized packages. 
I can't wait to return to The Skin Institute Internationale.

Cecily C.

Welcoming, comfortable, professional, educational, knowledgeable staff that provided such great service I will tell all my friends! I had microblading done & o boy do I love it!
Initial cost  includes an enhancement in 4-6 weeks to make perfect, but I love them on the initial visit!!
Bring a couple extra dollars for parking they only accept cash no cc.
I'm so glad my friend referred me here.

Aly L.

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