The Skin Institute Internationalé is committed to providing our students a foundation to begin a fulfilling career in esthetics as well as educating and inspiring them to build a foundation of knowledge, confidence, creativity, communication and integrity as they help others improve their lives. The Skin Institute Internationalé’s goal is to provide an innovative and dynamic esthetics education and to produce highly-trained and skilled professionals prepared to enter and contribute to the esthetics industry. This is accomplished through the following Education Objectives:

  • To provide basic techniques for all phases included in our curriculum.

  • To use a well-organized course of study

  • To ensure professional training by providing one instructor per twenty students

  • To maintain a well-supervised and well-equipped practical area where students can improve their knowledge and skills

  • To provide a program of supportive services including guidance and counseling to students

  • To provide employment assistance in the form of an updated list of available positions in the esthetics industry and training in resume writing and interview preparation

  • To operate a successful educational institution and earn the respect of the community and the esthetics industry

  • To prepare graduates for state licensing exams and employment using effective teaching techniques

  • To assess the school’s effectiveness through student achievement as reflected in the campus completion, licensure, and employment rates

  • To educate and motivate students in “life and leadership” skills by providing curriculum by industry leaders

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